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Special Courses
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Enjoy your flamenco experience in Seville!

Flamenco classes for tourist groups


We offer special flamenco courses for tourist groups that want to combine their stay in Seville with an unforgettable experience of flamenco dance classes. Enjoy and learn this beautiful dance full of feelings and expressiveness. Learn zapateados (footwork) and simple marcajes (steps), the arm and wrist movements and the body placement. Feel and assimilate the flamenco rhythm.

The flamenco lessons are tailored to the needs of each group. From the beginner level, that is the first contact with flamenco dance, to more advanced and professional groups.

What is more, we offer the groups advice in terms of accommodation and their stay in Seville. Be more than a tourist, be an explorer by learning to dance flamenco on your own!

Contact us to prepare a flamenco class offer dedicated exclusively to you and your friends.

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