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Danza Española

Danza española estilizada (stylized Spanish dance) is an artistic manifestation of Spanish dance with technical and stylistic contributions full of art, imagination and musicality. It is an inseparable union between the technical body domain and musical sensitivity. Its origins date back to the courtly entertainments of the Arab caliphs and to the theatrical dances of the time of the Catholic Monarchs.


 “Danza estilizada española is the free composition of steps and choreographies, based on popular dances, Flamenco and the Bolero school“

The pillars of the danza estilizada teaching of are classical ballet; the bolero school - the 18th-century Spanish dances that are danced in ballet slippers and with castanets and contain classical dance steps but with the grace and Spanish style characteristic of their time; the knowledge of folklore with the typical dances of different regions of Spain; and castanets, which are fundamental elements of stylized dance that enrich it rhythmically and technically.

In its development, the Spanish stylized dance is closely linked to the works of classical Spanish music by composers such as Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz or Joaquín Turina; however, currently, choreographies are created based on modern music works with a more innovative character, where fusion with other styles occurs.

In our Studio, we organize intensive courses and workshops of danza española with artists specialized in this discipline.

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