Lebanese Oriental Dance

Lebanese Oriental Dance is an eccentric and eclectic mix of Arabic folklore and modern ballet of the Martha Graham style. It comes from the Caracalla Dance Theater - the most famous dance company in the Arab world. This style was created by Abdel Halim Caracalla, the company's director, to celebrate the historical greatness of Arab culture and give life to its heroes and legendary feats through theatrical music and dance.

The first part of the class begins with warming up with yoga postures to stretch the back and legs, thus achieving more elasticity when dancing. Then, there are standing exercises with classical dance postures to warm and strengthen the ankles, taking more and more resistance. The next part of the class is the diagonal exercises across the classroom, from one corner to another, with fused movements of classical, contemporary and oriental dance, using the entire space, including turns and small jumps. The second part of the class is based on the choreographic work with music. Here, the contemporary oriental technique learned previously is put into practice.