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Flamenco is an art, originally from Andalusia, that combines dancingsinging and guitar playing.


It is known for its great emotional intensity and is distinguished by its graceful movements of arms and wrists, characteristic rhythms, fierce zapateados, deep laments of singing and strumming of the guitar.

Its multicultural roots are reflected in the dance and musical elements of different cultures that contributed to its birth such as Gypsies, Andalusians, Arabs, Christians and Jews. There are also African and Caribbean influences. Within flamenco, there is a true realm of styles (palos de flamenco) that express deep feelings from pain, loneliness and sadness to joy, sensuality and passion.


In 2010, Unesco declared flamenco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. On the date of November 16, every year, we celebrate the International Flamenco Day.

In our school in Seville we offer different flamenco DANCE classes: regular classes and intensive workshops that include classes for children and young people, classes for adult beginners, sevillanas lessons, individual and special classes for organized groups, and a variety of professional courses of basic, intermediate and advanced level.


The classes are focused on different needs of each group of students. Within our offer are both courses designed for those in love with flamenco who want to pursue the professional path by dedicating themselves to intensive and dedicated training, and for flamenco lovers who are looking for a way to express themselves artistically through dance and enjoy their free time.


The guest teachers who teach flamenco in our Studio are renowned dancers who put all their experience to share their different visions of this wonderful dance with the students during monthly or weekly courses.

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