Sevillanas are the main style of dance folklore in Seville that has been practiced in the Andalusian capital since the 18th century and that underwent a long process of being influenced by flamenco.


Sevillanas are sung and danced during various fairs held in Andalusia, especially at the Feria de Abril in Seville or in the pilgrimage of El Rocío. In ancient times, they were popular in the corralones of neighbors and courtyards. It is a joyful couple dance full of grace. Its popular choreography corresponds to the steps of the bolero school and the old Spanish school of castanets. It is usually danced with a frilly dress or a blouse and a skirt and heels.

Sevillanas are divided into four couplets. The rhythm is ternary. Within the dance, four characteristic movements can be distinguished: paseíllos, pasadas, careos and remates. The end of the last couplet is finished off with a pose. Sevillanas are often danced with castanets.

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